My children are adopted. My son is not the same color as me. His birthparent’s were not the same color as each other. He is the perfect color of blended love. … More Labels

Unanswered prayers

When I was young, a man I loved introduced me to Clint Black, Garth Brooks and country music. By doing so he also introduced me to this song Unanswered Prayers. He just didn’t mean to. He also didn’t love me back. We dated off and on for 10 years.  I remember the nights next to … More Unanswered prayers

we are america

Freedom is purchased at a price. Fees negotiated at a market called Power through a seller who goes by the name Dominance. Bargaining often vicious; terms cruel and language crude. The currency difficult to carry; impossible to save and most recognized as single units: War. Blood. Amputee. Martyr. Widow. Bomb. Veteran. Nuclear. Orphan. Death. Refugee. … More we are america